Wedding Wednesday: Choosing Wedding Scents


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I can’t even tell you how excited I was to write this post. Today, I am bringing to you one of my absolute favorite things we did to make our wedding special. I can’t take all the credit for it, bc in all actuality….it was essentially B’s idea!! Without further ado, I bring you a wedding tradition, that you and your fiance need to try!! Ladies, don’t worry if you are not engaged, this little tradition can work for ANY couple.

Soooooo…what is it? When B brought this idea to me, I wasn’t really sure how we were going to go about it…but boy am I glad i did!! We jumped in the car and headed out to the best mall on the 95 corridor, King of Prussia!!! Our first and final stop was Nordstrom. We headed over to the cosmetics and fragrance department and I was so excited to see what B had in mind. We ended up over in the fragrance area, at Jo Malone. If you don’t know this brand….y’all need to get with it!! Lol!! Jo Malone is amazing!! They have tons of different fragrances to choose from for men and women. From there, you get to choose and layer scents to achieve to the exact scent you are going for. After testing many scents…we settled on Dark Amber and Ginger Lily for B and Nectarine and Honey Blossom layered with Grapefruit for me. The sales associates were just fabulous and they gave us tons of fun samples, lotions etc. for us to use on our honeymoon as well. We couldn’t have been happier!!

So, why is this so special to us??? We picked these special scents to signify the most important day in our lives. We reserve these scents for only the most important times in our lives to take us back to that special day when we pledged our love for each other. We wore our scents on our wedding day, honeymoon, and we plan to wear them on our first anniversary. It is such a unique and fun thing to do and I hope it brings y’all as much joy as it does for B and I. Since Jo Malone has the most unique scents that can be layered….you really can’t go wrong!!

Do you have a favorite tradition with your honey? I’d love to hear what it is!! Spread the love and drop me a comment below.

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Alison Dragun
Alison Dragun

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