4 Tips for Beautiful Engagement Photos


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Happy Wedding Wednesday y’all!! For my next Wedding Wednesday post, I thought I’d share some tips for gorgeous engagement photos. This is the second installment of my little series leading up to our wedding anniversary on October 22. You can read about our proposal story here.

Tips for Beautiful Engagement Photos


What I mean by this is the why behind your photos. What is the meaning of the location you chose? Or is there meaning behind the clothes or jewelry you decided to wear? Or could it be the time of year the photos are shot? Whatever you decide on, try to have the some aspect of your photos be something significant to you and your groom. (Read on to see some of the “why” aspects of our photos)



Do your research!!! I cannot stress this enough. Research the area where you will be taking photos. Google is your best friend for this! Look for cool backdrops, walls, bodies or water etc. We chose the location that we did because it had meaning to us. Our photos were shot in New Hope, Pennsylvania. We chose this location because it was the town in which our second choice of wedding venues was. We wanted to incorporate it because we LOVE this little town and if we hadn’t found our wedding venue, we would have chosen one here. Plus, it’s a gorgeous little town!!



I think a great way to style your photos is with clothing. I also believe that your photos should be true to yourself. So, if you don’t normally wear high heels, then don’t wear them in your photos. Strive to be the best version of yourself. Brian and i decided to color coordinate for our photos. We even took it one step further to match our clothing to the colors in our wedding which were navy, pink, silver, and gold. I didn’t want it to look super cheesy, so I worked in the pink colors by adding pops of it with jewelry, shoes, and the plaid in Brian’s shirt.



Lights! Camera! Action!! Posing can be nerve wracking..especially if you are like me and not a model!! To help combat the nerves, I researched photos on Pinterest to get different types of poses for us to try. Don’t think too hard on this…just pick photos that you are drawn to. I actually emailed them to our photographer in advance, so that she had an idea of types of poses we wanted to try. Don’t be afraid to try something new!!


Other Advice

Our photographer was amazing!! She actually scouted locations for our photos in advance and had them all mapped out on the day of, so we could just go from place to place. Isn’t that amazing??? This leads me to my last tip: if you are going to be shooting in more than one spot, bring EXTRA shoes!!! I wore heels in a lot of my pics, but didn’t want to walk all over town in them. I bought a pair of flip flops and slipped them on whenever we had to walk a distance. It was a lifesaver!!

What’s your best tip for taking beautiful photos? Where did your engagement photos take place? Drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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