How to Keep Your Relationship Fun!

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Happy Monday lovelies!! Hope y’all are having a great start to your week. I’m super excited about today’s post and I can’t wait to share with you. If you have read my dating diaries, you are already aware that it took me a hot minute to finally find my Prince Charming. Once I knew he was “the one” (which didn’t take me long to figure out) I knew that I would do whatever it took to keep that deep love going strong. If you have been around these passionate parts a while now, then you know that B and I take a lot of pride into researching things to do etc. We got to talking one day about dating. To us, even when you are married, we still think it’s important to date each other. It keeps the relationship fresh and strong. As we talked back and forth about ideas for dates and so on…we thought of a super fun idea!! This “idea” is one that we practice EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH! It is so much fun to do. Once you try it….you’ll never look back! So, what is this magic idea? We call it the “Secret Date”. Here’s how it works. Each month one of us plans a “Secret Date” for the other person. For example: August: I plan a date for B. September B plans a date for me. The most fun part about the date is that it is a secret. I mean, the other person has no idea where the date is or what it is until they get there. I know, I know…that’s prob already making some of you anxious not knowing where or what you would be doing, but TRUST me…the secret part is what makes it soooo fun!!! So, how do we come up with these secret dates? Back when B and I came up with the idea, we both sat down and just brainstormed lists of all the things we each love. Then, I kept B’s list and he kept mine. This way we always have an idea list to start from. Here are some of the things we each put on our list.


craft beer, pizza, Philadelphia Eagles, La Salle Basketball, wings, whiskey/bourbon, rooftop bars/beer gardens, college football, Batman, Star Wars, comics, steak, Quizzo, beach


wine, fancy cocktails, cooking/baking, anything pink, flowers, outdoor/rooftop bars, live music, any type of festivals, working out, Friends, Harry Potter, Penn State, NYC, shopping

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Your list can be anything and everything you can think of!! A few examples of past Secret Dates we’ve done.

  1. Brian planned a day at the Penn State vs. Temple game for me. I didn’t know until we got close to the stadium and he even had adorable Penn State tees for us to change into when we arrived. He also had gotten us tickets to not only the game but one of Philly’s coolest tailgating experiences called the PhanCave.
  2. A date I did for Brian was taking him to the Philadelphia Eagles training camp. I bought him a new jersey with our last name on the back for him to put on when we got there. We also picked up my little bro and sis in law on the way. Brian thought we were going to help my bro do something at his house!!
  3. The date you see in the pics is one I just took Brian on. I researched all of the outdoor beer gardens and rooftop bars in Philly. We headed down early on a Saturday. We went to a bunch of different beer gardens and tried beers and sampled snacks. One of our favorite things to keep cost down is to share an app or two instead of eating huge meals. Plus it’s fun to try a bunch of different snacks out. Secret Date Beer Gardens-23Secret Date Beer Gardens-16Secret Date Beer Gardens-20

Since relationships are something that I am really passionate about, I’m hoping to bring you lots more fun date ideas and of course my crazyyyyy stories and the adventure  it was to finally meet my husband. Keep your eye out for a whole new series of date nights for you and your s/o to try!

What’s the best date your s/o has ever planned for you? Do you have a go-to date night that’s your fave? Spread the love and drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear how you keep your relationships going strong.

The Beer Gardens and rooftop bars featured in this post are: Spruce Street Harbor Park, Morgan’s Pier, Haas Biergarten, and the Revolution House. Please feel free to ask any questions…I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.

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