Dating Diaries: Episode 15 + Red Tank Dress

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Red Tank Dress (comes in black too, here) // Beaded Necklace // Lace up sandals (only $40)// Cult Gaia Ark Bag // Dupe for Cult Gaia Bag (less than 1/2 the price!) // Rayban Aviators // Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet //  Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch // Lucky Wrap Ring // Crossover Ring

Happiest of Hump Days to y’all!!! I’m winding down on my outfits on my recent trip to Bermuda and I couldn’t pass up sharing this beauty. I LOVE this dress because it is so versatile. It can be dressed up or down, and can be worn as a summer or fall look! I’ll def be wearing this into fall paired with a denim jacket and some booties! It is also comes in a black version and a similar navy style. The best part is that they are all around 50 bucks!! What a score!! I absolutely love red paired with any shade of blue….so I added this gorgeous aqua necklace to make a bold statement. Add some cute flat sandals and some sunnies and you have the perfect casual look.

Dating Diaries: Episode 15

If you are new to the dating diaries or just want some good belly laughs, peep the previous episodes, here.

Ahhhhh, date number 15. What a treat you were. I’m sure you all are wondering why in the world was I still going on dates at this point. Welp, ladies, for any of you out there in the dating game, sometimes it can feel hopeless going on date after date that ends horribly. I, on the other hand, actually tried to put a positive spin on each terrible date. I figured each date gave me a little more experience, I learned new things about myself, and it helped me to narrow my focus to what I really DID want in a husband. Good news is, I found him! It took me awhile, but I’m so happy I persisted, bc he is the best thing to ever happen to me!! The moral of the story is, you know that quote…”Good things come to those who wait.” ?? Welp, it is undoubtedly TRUE! Anywhooooo, Date 15 was tall, dark, and handsome…just the way I like em’!! Lol. I met him through a dating app, but it ended up that he actually knew a friend of mine. (I figured I could count that as a setup, amirite?) Hehe. We ended up meeting at one of my fave local places. (no, no, it’s actually NOT a Mexican restaurant this time. I’m sure y’all are shocked!!) If you ever are in the area from May-October….you absolutely MUST check this place out. It’s called the Tiki Bar and it’s located at Spring Mountain Ski Area. I was so pumped to meet date 15 because this place is known for their yummy Hurricane drinks and food. We met on a balmy Friday night. I was feeling confident in my flowy maxi dress and was ready to see what this new guy had to offer. Tiki Bar is an outdoor place that overlooks the ski area. They have huge grills to cook and you select your meals out of deli case. (Think: an outdoor version of Melting Pot with huge grills!!)  We said our hellos and ordered ourselves some of the famous Hurricanes. I was so pumped bc I thought this place was such a fun atmosphere for a first date and I couldn’t wait to pick out some food and cook together. Unfortunately for me, I left that night with an empty gut and no second date in sight. #sigh #eyeroll The date started off great, drinks were flowing, the convo was great…that is until, a gaggle of 21 year old girls rolled in. It was one of the girls birthdays and she had just turned 21 that day. It was only a matter of minutes before my date decided that he wanted to buy these girls some shots. I kinda felt like that was a weird thing to do on a first date, but figured maybe he was trying to look like a big shot (ps: you looked like a creeper) and show off that he could buy a whole round of shots. That of course did not impress me at all. The 21 year old girls politely said thank you and moved to another spot at the bar. Date 15 and I continued our convo and ordered another hurricane. A few minutes later, nature was calling and I excused myself to the ladies room. Upon returning, I noticed date 15 was no longer sitting at the bar. As I scanned the crowd, I heard some chanting….”Shots, Shots, Shots”. Welp, guess who was in the middle of the crowd screaming at the top of his lungs? Good ole’ date number 15. He had meandered back over to the 21 year olds and was buying shot after shot plus downing some himself. #soclassy I called his name a few times, but at that point, he was buzzing off hurricanes and shots so he didn’t even hear me or prob didn’t even remember I was even there! So, I did what any respectable gal would do…I made like Houdini and disappeared. Ain’t nobody got time for a guy who leaves your date to down shots with a group of 21 year old girls. The ride home was less than stellar, mostly bc I I missed out on some chillin’ and grillin’. I never did find out what had become of date 15…maybe him and 21st bday girl are married by now…who knows? My Prince Charming was clearly not this guy….shots on a first date was not my Prince’s forte.

Pro Dating Tip #15

Although I am a huge fan of LMFAO and Lil’ Jon….I do not care to be part of shots, shots, shots, shots, shots on a first date. #nuffsaid (dang it….now that song is in my head!!)

So, ladies???? Shots on a first date??? Classy or Catastrophic? What’s your take? Drop me a comment below…I’d love to hear from you.

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Alison Dragun
Alison Dragun


  1. Julie Minear
    August 3, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    What a jerk! I might understand him buying the 21 year old girls a round of shots if you both wished the birthday girl a happy birthday, and if you both had reminisced about turning 21 or something. But to take it upon himself on your first date to buy a group of women shots, and then joining in when you went to the ladies room clearly shows he had zero class! He def didn’t deserve your time!

    • August 11, 2017 / 4:50 pm

      I know, right? He was a huge jerk!! The girls he was buying the shots for were clearly not impressed either. They just wanted the free shots. I would too if I had just turned 21. lol

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