10 Tips to Make Travel Easier

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Happy Tuesday y’all!!! We just returned back from Bermuda and it was beautiful!! I received a lot of questions about travel tips, so I thought I’d share some things that B and I have figured out over the years and make for a really smooth travel experience. Hopefully, these tips will allow for you to have hassle-free trips in the future!!

Ten Tips To Make Travel Easier

Battery Pack //  Headphone splitter //  LaraBars // FitJoy Bars //  100 Calorie Nut Mix // Comfy Cardigan //  Passport Cover //  Earbud Case // Face Wipes // Evian Mist

  1. Pre-check: Let me just tell you, this is the best thing we have ever done to ease our travel. Pre-check makes it much faster to cruise through security. Plus, you don’t have to remove your shoes etc. when going through. You can sign up for it here: TSA precheck
  2. Notifications: Once you buy your airline tickets, you can sign up for notifications from the airline. We use this to check in to our flights, find out about our gate assignment and delays etc. It works awesome because everything just pops up on your smartphone screen.
  3. Battery pack/Splitters: We always keep these on hand, to be able to charge whenever we want and also to watch the same shows on one ipad/laptop
  4. Laptops/Ipads: Because of bloggin’ we ALWAYS need to have our laptops on hand. Also, having laptops/ipads is essential bc you can download shows/games/books for your plane ride and when just hanging in the airport.
  5. Movies: As I said above, we love to download movies for the plan ride. My fave apps are Netflix, HBO Now, and Plex. 
  6. Snacks: Is anyone else, #alwayshungry? It is always a good idea to have snacks on hand for the airport and plane ride. My go-tos are Larabars, FitJoy Bars, and 100 calorie nut packs.
  7. Cardi/sweatshirt: Airports and planes are always FREEZING!! I make sure to pack a cardi and/or light sweatshirt for traveling. This way I can take it off when I get to my tropical location and put it on when I am cold on the plane.
  8. Passport cover: When traveling, I always make sure to have my passport safe and sound in a cover. Having it in the cover makes it SUPER easy to see and dig out of my tote or backpack when I need to show ID.
  9. Earbuds case: I am THE WORST at keeping my earbuds untangled. Seriously, THE WORST. I found the cutest little earbud holder to safely keep my earbuds untangled in my bag! Yipeee!!!!
  10. Face wipes/Evian mist: I don’t know about y’all, but I always feel gross after traveling. Two things I like to keep on hand are face wipes and Evian face mist. This helps me to keep my face fresh and clean when I arrive at my destination.

What’s your fave travel tips? I’d love to hear!!! I’m always looking for new tips!! Drop me a comment below.

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Alison Dragun
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