Dating Diaries: Episode 12 + Pineapple Tee

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Pineapple Tee  //  Distressed Black Skinnies  //  Quay Black Aviators (only $65) //  Black Converse  //   Silver Tiffany Stud Earrings

Holllaaaaa Happy Hump Y’all!!! I hope y’all are having a fabulous week. Before we delve into the next episode of the Dating Diaries…let’s chat about the look. Shall we? I absolutely LOVE the saying, “ Be like a pineapple, stand tall and wear a crown” #lifegoals. Since I love pineapple so much, I just had to have this tee!! It’s so fun for summer and super soft and comfy. Plus, it’s made right here in the good ole’ USA! I paired my tee with my go-to black skinnies, but I think it would be adorable with some cutoff shorts as well! To keep it casual, I popped on my classic black chucks and my new FAVE sunnies!! At only 65 bucks, these sunnies are a steal and SOOO unique!! Now on to your regularly scheduled programming, the Dating Diaries.

Dating Diaries: Episode 12

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Howdy y’all, we meet again for another episode of the Dating Diaries. Today, I’m dishing about date number 12. This guy was a real treat. He was a guy that I had met out a bar. We chatted for a few, exchanged numbers and set a date. I was super pumped because we were set to meet at one of my fave places in Conshy, The Stone Rose. Y’all, if you ever get to Conshohocken, you need to hit this place up. It has such a chill atmosphere and they have a killer menu! Anywhoooo, I met date 12 on a Thursday night for some wine and apps during happy hour. He was cute and dressed in a suit. He had come right from work and was an attorney. We got to chatting and ordered some apps and wine. The night was off to a great start. As the night progressed, I noticed that date 12 was making many, many, references to his apartment. It was starting to catch one that this dude was trying to get me to come back to his place. #nope #notabootycally’all  Since, I had no interest in showing up on an episode of 48 hours or “To catch a predator”…I just ignored his annoying and frequent bragging about how great his apartment was and how I should see it. At that point I headed to the bathroom because I needed a break from all of his arrogance and schemes to try to get me back to his house. I was hoping that he was done with that for the night since I wasn’t taking the bait. Welp, you guessed it. I was #deadwrong. He hadn’t even unleashed his best “pickup line” yet. So, for his last attempt to get me to come back to his place….drum roll please. He tells me about how he owns a property in the Bahamas and that he had his own private plane to fly me there. Ya know, it must’ve sounded “great” in his head, but the thing is he made himself a little mistake. The photo he showed me on his phone was a stock photo from a Sandals Resort ad. Yeah, buddy, I fact checked you. You are the quite the scam artist. I must say that’s some pretty sleuth moves to get me back to your place. Obvi, it was time to get the check bc #nothanks buddy…not indulging in your antics!!

Pro Dating Tip #12

If you decided to have what I would like to call a “gimmick” to pick up women…you might want to work harder than picking the first stock photo that shows up on google as your fake Bahamas property. Plus, if you are in your twenties, driving a Honda…I might be a little skeptical that you own a luxury property in the Bahamas and your own private plane.

Y’all ever been on a date with a #liarliarpantsonfire date like this? I’d love to hear some other #worstfirstdates of y’alls!! Drop me a comment below.

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Alison Dragun

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