Dating Diaries: Episode 9 + Leopard Swing Dress

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Leopard Swing Dress (only $44) \\  Sam Edelman Pink Sandals \\ BaubleBar Crispin Drops \\ BP Fringe Crossbody \\  Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch \\ Lucky Wrap Ring \\ Crossover Ring \\ BP Sunnies  (only $12)

Happy hump to you lovelies out there! It’s Wednesday and you know what that means!!! Time to share another episode of the Dating Diaries. But, before we delve into my hilarious dating past, let’s talk outfit, shall we? Seriously though, how cute is this dress? I wore this little gem out for a date night with B a few days ago. First, and foremost, the price is amazing. At only 44 bucks, you really can’t go wrong. Plus, the fabric is lightweight, breathable, and super comfy to wear. If in between sizes, I’d recommend sizing down as it has a swingy/roomy feel to it. One of my fave things to pair with leopard print are pops of hot pink! It really makes the look more fun and youthful. My BaubleBar crispin drops and Sam Edelman sandals are two easy ways to add a pop of color to a look without looking too loud. To top this fierce look, I added a fringed crossbody. You’ll be the cat’s meow(see what I did there? #imsuchanerd) in this edgy look!

Dating Diaries: Episode 9 

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Man oh man, date number 9….it’s your time to shine. #rhymes  Welp, date number 9 actually was two dates. The first date was pretty normal and he seemed like a great guy. He had a great job, nice car, and was very kind. So, when he asked me on a second date, I thought, well heck, I might as well go for it. He had just bought a new townhome and wanted to cook me a meal. This guy can cook, too?!! #jackpot A few days later, I cruised up to his house round’ 7 or 8. (cue Fresh Prince) It was a beautiful neighborhood and I was excited to see what the night would bring. Could I have finally snagged a good one? I tapped on the door and was greeted warmly. As soon as I entered, I looked down and saw my arch nemesis of shoes…the toe sneakers. If you don’t know what these are, you are darn lucky. The might be the most hideous sneakers that ever lived and I cringe every time I see someone wearing them. These are those sneaks that are separated toe by toe and make you look like some sort of man lizard. I didn’t want to be petty and I figured #maybe I could get past the ugly shoes and move on. He led me back to the kitchen area where he was cooking. He poured me a glass of rose(#allday) and I started to take a glance around the room. Ya see, this was one of those open concepts where the kitchen, dining, and living room were all one space. As I looked around, I noticed a picture of a woman, so I asked who it was. Welp, it was his mother. No harm in having a nice pic of your madre to display, but as I looked around a lil’ more, I noticed a reoccurring theme. He had many pics of his mom (think 20 x 20 size, huge portrait), no, no…wait! He ONLY had pics of his mom. I mean, this girl loves her mama too, but you don’t see any lifesize cutouts of her in mi casa. I guess he kinda noticed that I was looking at the pics of his mom so that sparked him to inform me, that his mom would be coming from Spain to live with him each year for several months at a time. Oh H*LL no, I thought…no thank you on that. At this point, I was already itching to get the heck outta there as quick as possible. I would never be mean to someone about the way they live their life, but if it’s not a match, then it’s time to call it quits. After the most painstakingly long dinner, I was so excited because I would finally have a chance to skip out. Oh no, but not without the most #awkward end of a night of ALL TIME. As I waited patiently to exit, he informed me that he was going to play a little music. I’m not sure if y’all picked up on the fact that his mom was Spanish, but, he to was of Spanish descent. His treat for me was to serenade me with a song he made up called “Mi Alison”. Yes, you read that right…he made up a song about me and then proceeded to twirl around the table and sing it to me, sometimes creepily whispering the words in my ear. (but seriously tho, this is our second date) #whyjustwhy What was a girl to do? Cue the “I’m not feeling so well. I think it was something I ate” line. I power walked so fast to my car like I was “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” with Richard Simmons. It was this very night, that my mom and I would have one of the funniest post-date convos of our lives. So much so, that I had to pull over bc I was laughing so hard. If I ever get the chance to meet any of y’all in real life, which I hope I do….I really hope you’ll greet me as “Mi A-leeee-sonnnn”. You know, at that point I was starting to get mad at good ole’ Prince Charming. I mean, HELLO? My carriage was starting to turn into a pumpkin at that point!!!

Pro Dating Tip #9

Y’all, if you are only rockin’ pics of your mom at your house and one of them is life-size… might want to take that down before a potential SO visits your home. Leave it up and you’ll scare the ovaries right outta your date. Plus, an original tune in honor of your date, is possible one of the most creepy things EVER. Last, toe sneakers…#justno.

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Alison Dragun
Alison Dragun

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  1. Madison
    June 21, 2017 / 5:46 pm

    I think this si the funniest dating diaries yet!! Also, love the outfit!

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