10 Fun AND Cheap Things to Do This Summer

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Cue Rebecca Black y’all, because it’s F-R-I-D-A-Y!! Gotta get down, ya know? I’m coming at you all with two things today. One: This super cute graphic tee! 2: 10 things you can do this summer for free and/or cheap! Super Bonus: for y’all Philly friends or those that might be visiting the City of Brotherly Love, I’ve added a little list of Philly fun things to do as well! So let’s dive right in, shall we? First, let’s talk outfit. Umm, this tee? I believe this is OFFICIALLY my summer mantra…bc for real tho, I’m tryna not get ready ALL SUMMA LONG. This tee is legit  the.best.tee ever for when you literally don’t feel like getting ready. Even more cute, there is a mini me version if ya would like to get one for your little guy or gal. Paired with simple studs, sneaks, sunnies, distressed denim and you can rock the “I’m not getting ready look”!

You might be wondering why in the heck I’m just getting my chill on with some wine and cheese on a picnic blanket….welp, I’ve rounded up some of my fave things to do on budget this summer! All perfect to do with you bae or bestie! Let’s get to the good stuff!

  1. A picnic in park: (duh, see pics above) There are so many beautiful parks to enjoy and a picnic is a great way to spend the day. My fave way is with some wine and cheese of course.
  2. Strawberry Picking: Something fun to do is to go fruit picking and then use it to make a recipe. I always try to make something a little more difficult, to bring out my Martha Stewart! Here is a recipe that I love using strawberries:
  3. Wine/Beer Tasting: This is so much fun and there are SO SO many local wineries, breweries and distillieries around. Check their websites bc lots of times, they have free events and/or free tastings and sometimes even food!
  4. Free Music Festivals: I usually just google this and surprisingly, there are a lot of theses around. I know in my area, they even include fireworks sometimes at these types of events and most of the time you can bring in your own food and snacks.
  5. Farmer’s Market: Plan out a stellar meal with you bae or bestie and head to the Farmer’s Market to pick up all the fresh and tasty ingredients. Then, get yo’ cook on, preferably with some wine in hand!
  6. Happy Hours: (This link is to an app that will find you Happy Hours near you! SCORE!) One fun thing that B and I do is to hit up Happy Hours at diff places. Many times, there are fab specials and you can really get some great deals on drinks and food. We will get a drink or two and then split a bunch of apps and we spend minimal cash!
  7. Spend the day at local beach: This is so fun! We live near the Jersey Shore(cue fist pumping and GTL…hey Snookie!!), so we have tons of beaches at our disposal! (well as long as that Shark, Mary Lee isn’t around lol) Anywho, we will pack up a cooler and head to the beach to catch some rays and chill. If you don’t have a beach near ya, maybe a lake??
  8. Drive-in movie: (<—- I’ve been to the one I added in the link!) Do y’all know there are STILL drive-in movies around!!! How fun! They are so much fun and very affordable. Usually, they show a double feature AND you can bring in food and drinks! Double score!
  9. Quizzo: We LOVE to hit up quizzo night at local pubs! It’s free to play and lots of times there are fab prizes likes gift cards, free food, drinks etc. I’m not the best at it, ie. #kindatheworst, but I still love playing!
  10. City Walk: Get out and explore your city! We love to head to Philly or NYC and check out new areas or explore areas further. It is so fun and we ALWAYS discover something new.  Check out some fun things I’ve discovered in Philly below!

Philly FUN! (For FREE or cheap)

Philadelphia Brewing: FREE tour and beer tasting!

Philly Art Museum: (ya know, where the Rocky steps are? Yo, Adrian!!) The museum is open to anyone and you can pay as little or as much as you want!

Philadelphia Observation Deck: 14 bucks will get you in and get ready to take some VERY instaworthy photos! See the city from above!

Philly Magic Gardens: 10 bucks to get in to, arguably, one of the coolest off the beaten path things in Philly. Tons of photo ops and just plain gorgeous!

What kind of fun, free/cheap things do you like to do? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Drop me a comment below!

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Alison Dragun
Alison Dragun

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