Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Welp, it’s here. Summaaaatimeee! I’m pretty hyped this morning….bc school is out for summa! Cue, Will Smith in the background. Usually around the end of the school year, is the same time that Father’s Day hits! Anywho, in honor of all the awesome Dads out there, I decided to round up some gifts that any Dad and/or guy in your life would love. I actually had B (although he is not a Dad yet) help pick out many of the items that he would like to receive himself. That cologne is B’s fave. It’s also my favorite scent that he wears. Happy shopping y’all. Big shoutout to all the Dads in my life,  Mr D., Uncle Rocky, Joe, Jay, Craig, Randy,  and Chris! Let’s here it for the boys!! Love you all.

How do you celebrate the Dads in your life? Drop me a comment below!




Alison Dragun
Alison Dragun

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