Dating Diaries: Episode 7 + Taking a LBD from Day to Night


Leith Tank Dress | Denim Jacket | White Converse | Chelsea 28 White Tote | Rayban Aviators | BaubleBar Monogram Necklace | White Nixon Watch | Tiffany Studs

Happy Hump lovelies! Y’all, it’s my last full day of school with the kids today. Can I get an amen??!! I can almost smell the summer…it’s so close! Anywho, today I am sharing an easy was to take a LBD from day to night. I love dresses like this bc they are so versatile and be dressed up or down. Here’s my tips for a day to night look. First, a LBD is a staple to pull off two looks like this. This Leith tank dress is amazing. It’s figure flattering and the low pricepoint makes it even more appealing.

The Day Look

For a day look, pair the LBD with a crisp pair of chucks and denim jacket. I love a big tote for during the day when I am running errands and this one is so cute! Top off the look with a pair of mirrored sunnies and an enamel mongram. Voila…you will be looking polished while running errands!


Leith Tank Dress | Tassel CrossbodySteve Madden Carsson Heels | Tassel Necklace (similar) | Sunnies | Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch | Lucky Ring | Crossover Ring | Gold Hoops

The Night Look

To transform to a night look, follow these simple steps. First, replace the chucks with a sleek pair of block heels, like these. Then add a statement necklace with some flair! Next, add a dressier watch and earrings. Last, but not least, opt for a smaller and funkier bag to top off the night look. Any way you slice it, or wearing either outfit, this LBD is a win-win!

Dating Diaries: Episode 7

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I know what your thinking, “More bad dates???” Yup, we are just at the tip of the iceberg here in the Dating Diaries series! I was excited for date number 7 bc he was really tall. I LOVE a tall guy. My hubs, B is 6’5″, so yeah I like em’ tall. Anywhooooo, another reason I was pumped is bc Date 7 and I were meeting at Dave and Busters. Drinks, food, games, AND prizes….ummm sign me up! On the day of, I put on my best “sporty” first date look. You never can go wrong with a little distressed denim and some cute sneaks. I called my mom on the way and she reminded me not to be “super” competitive and win every game. What can I say, I like sports. (Random fun fact: I once was uninvited to a boy’s third grade party bc he was worried I would beat him at basketball in front of his friends.) So, I decided I would take it a little easy on date number 7 with the games and all. Spoiler alert: I never got to play the games. NOT EVEN ONE. Let me tell you why. Number 7 and I headed over to the bar first to grab a drink and break the ice. We got to talking and y’all know that when the drinks are flowing, usually so is your mouth. When, the time came to go hit up some of those games, date number 7 said he would have to decline. Decline? Now, I was intrigued. He went on to tell me that the games were so expensive to play and that he didn’t want to spend money on it bc he was over 60K in debt. 60K, dayyuuummmm! Y’all know I love to shop, but 60K? Good lawd that’s a lot of credit card debt. Also, contributing to that debt was that his profession was a…wait for it…semi-semi pro wrestler. Say what now? I couldn’t help but stare  at him and all I could picture was Jack Black as Nacho Libre in that powder blue and red leotard. The last strike of the night was after all this, he let me know that if we went on other dates, that either I’d have to pay or we would have to only do free things. Omg, yes please. Sign me up for that amazing offer. (Insert longgggg eye roll here) It was time to roll outtie..bc this date was a sinking ship. I gave him a sympathy hug and hoofed it to my car. Peace out Nacho Libre…..hope you get outta debt make it to the WWE. This gal, however was moving on. Pretty sure Prince Charming wasn’t a Nacho Libre or in mega debt.

Pro dating tip # 7:

Disclosing major financial info. on a first date is yuck. I mean in the long run, it was good bc I didn’t waste time on him. Might be a good idea to get your ish together and pay down that debt before you are looking to take on a lady. Newsflash: Girls like dates and doing things. Doing things cost money…at least most of the time.

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