The Dating Diaries: Episode 5 + Striped Boyfriend Shirt


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Happy Hump, lovelies! I can’t believe it’s the middle of May, where does the time go? Meanwhile, I’m over here patiently waiting on summer. 14.5 days to be exact, not that I’m counting or anything. Before I dive head first into date numero cinco, let me fill y’all in on this outfit. Blue and white stripes are one of my fave trends of this season. This boyfriend shirt was so comfy to wear. It has a slightly puckered look to it, almost like seersucker material. I love that about it because it gives the shirt some texture. The shirt itself is very lightweight and it’s a little sheer. I wore a seamless cami under it. I threw on one of my favorite pairs of distressed denim. I’ve linked some of faves above, because mine are from last season. I kept the accessories simple with some gold hoops and a classic monogram necklace. As if you haven’t them a million times on me, I brought my favorite wedges out to complete the look, yet again. Sizing tip: shirt is roomy. I am wearing a small. Size down if you’d like a more fitted look.

Dating Diaries: Episode 5

If you’ve read dates 1, 2, 3, and 4, you are probably wondering why I’d even continue trying! Well, my friends, I was really determined that my prince was out there somewhere! And, he was! It just took me A LOT of bad dates to find him. Let us discuss date number 5. Ahhhh Tinder, you brought me yet another prize of a man. Swiped right, blah, blah, blah, and there I was about to meet another first date. The location was Rock Bottom Brewery in KOP. We met at happy hour time to have a drink. If you know anything about KOP, other than it’s home to the greatest mall in Merica’, you will also know that this brewery is attached to the mall and you must park in a garage to access it. (Tuck that little bit of info. away for later in the story). Anywho, we both arrived at the bar at the same time and found some seats. I was happy that he actually looked like his pics. (date 4 had put a bad taste in my mouth after his shocking appearance) We ordered some brews and started talking. Now, at this point, after a few bad dates, I made a vow to myself that I would only have one drink and then assess the situation before I would progress further to ordering apps etc. I slowly sipped my beer and noticed him getting increasingly more tense. It was apparent that whenever we were talking about life, jobs, or where we lived, that he was feeling uneasy about something…I just didn’t know what. Well, long story short…it was a doozy. He asked if I lived alone or with friends. At that time, I already owned my  own townhouse and lived by myself. When, I asked the same question in return, I got an interesting response. I bet you are wondering, did he live by himself? NOPE. Did he live with friends? DOUBLE NOPE. Even more NOPE worthy…he lived with his EX-WIFE! Wait, whaaattttt? Umm, I didn’t even know he had an ex-wife. Those are details you might have wanted to let a gal know. The worst part was that he said he wasn’t planning on moving anytime soon. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty hell bent about NOT dating a guy who lives with his ex…I mean that is just #awkward. So, I finished that beer as fast as a college frat guy, so I could raise up outta there quick. We walked out to the parking garage and I asked him where he parked. He was acting super weird and defensive, as if he didn’t want me to see his car. I figured that maybe he just had a POS car, but then as he walked away, he kept looking back to see if I was watching where he was parked. That struck me as odd, so I just had to go into stealth mode to figure it out. I waited in my car to see where he was parked. As soon as I saw him get in, I pulled out and drove down the row where he was. My eyeballs almost fell right out of my head when I saw, not ONE, but TWO baby car seats in the back. Dude, I know you aren’t a nanny. So, I’m pretty much 99.9 % sure that you REALLY are married and have kids. NOT COOL. What other reason would you have for two baby seats and living with you “ex” wife?  This guy, was someone else’s Prince Charming, well maybe Prince NOT-SO Charming. Maybe, my poor Prince Charming was stuck on some bad dates too.

Pro Dating Tip # 5:

This one is easy. If you are married and have kids, you shouldn’t be out on a date. That is unless, you’d like your very own episode on Cheaters.  Also, if you live with your ex, it’s def not a good idea to start dating yet. 

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