Dating Diaries: Episode 2 + Chicwish Embroidered Maxi


Chicwish Maxi Dress | Sam Edelman Suede Sandals | Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet | Burberry Watch | Ray-Ban Aviators | Rhinestone Crossover Ring | Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

Good morning loves and Happy Hump Day! I hope you are all having a great week. I am so glad you stopped by for another episode of the “Dating Diaries”. Read on to find out what happens this time. First, the look I am wearing was a fun little outfit that I wore out on Sunday. I am obsessed with this Chicwish dress. It is so flattering and the pop of magenta and red really makes the dress stand out. The tie detail at the bustline creates a little bit of a sexy detail, but you can easily wear a cami underneath to make it more modest. It has lining that comes to your knee and then has a sheer look below that. Most important, it is SO comfy!!! I paired it with these gorgeous Sam Edelman sandals to top off the look. The dress would also be really cute with flat sandals or gladiators for festival season.

Dating Diaries, Episode 2

And so it begins again. Another date, another guy, another story. Sit back and let me tell you the tale of date number two. I first found date number two when we both “swiped right” on Tinder. He was super handsome and well dressed in his pics. He also had actual words in his bio that formed real sentences and were well written too! If you’ve ever been on Tinder, you know what I mean. Anyways, we did the whole 4 stage thing I described in Episode 1. All the formalities were met, we IM’ed, emailed, texted, and talked on the phone. So, it was time to set a date to meet in person. We decided that we would head to Doylestown to meet for drinks and sushi. I was pretty excited because Doylestown is one my favorite suburban towns. It has a great vibe, lots of great restaurants, and unique shops. 86 West, was the spot we decided on. A few days later, it was time for our date. I did my usual primp session to prepare. I broke out my skinny jeans, and heels and I was ready to hit the town. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see date number two looking very well-dressed. He had come from work and was dressed sharply in a fitted navy suit. We said our hellos and took seats at the bar to order drinks. We had great conversation and I learned about his job in finance. This date was shaping up to be much better than the last one! Or so I thought. A little later after we ate some delish sushi, we order one more cocktail since we were having a great time. We continued our convo and then all of sudden, he stopped mid-sentence and blurted out, “You look a lot like my ex!” Then, on came the waterworks. He literally spiraled into a sobfest/pity party about how much he wanted her back and missed her. What did I do? Umm, I had no clue what to do. My first question, I asked in myself in my head was, “Why are you on a date with me if you still love your ex?” But seriously, why tho????? His sobbing got to the point where people were turning around and looking at us. Ummm,  #awkward. After the most, painful 7-8 minutes, which seemed like an eternity, I told him that I thought we should call it a night. I sent him to the bathroom to get tissues to dry his river of tears.(cue Justin Timberlake’s, “Cry Me A River” here, lol)  While he was gone, I asked the waiter to bring the check. We split the check and I hightailed it outta there faster than Usain Bolt running for an Olympic gold. I have never seen a man cry as much as this guy did and I never would have expected it on a first date. I’m sorry that he missed his ex, but you should prob not go a date if you still are in love with someone else. I walked to my car and gave him a wave good-bye. Peace out, date number 2! At least the sushi was good. But for real tho…Prince Charming, where are you???? Until next time…

Pro dating tip #2:

Topics of conversation to avoid on a first date:

1. Your ex
2. Did I mention that you shouldn’t talk about your ex?
3. Oh yeah, and also don’t tell your date that she looks like your ex. Please and thank you.

So girls, have any of you ever been on a date with a guy like that? Any similar or funny stories to share? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear from you!!

Alison Dragun
Alison Dragun


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