Happy Monday friends!! Hope y’all are starting the week off right and making it a positive one!! In house news, B and I had an interesting afternoon yesterday. As you all know by now, we are moving very soon. Because of this, we had to get some things done to our current home for it to go to settlements, which is typical when you put your home up for sale. When we came home yesterday evening, we decided to take advantage of Daylight Saving Time and sneak some extra blog shoots in. While I was working on an easy Easter dessert to share with y’all…I decided to multitask like the true spider monkey that I am and do wash, and meal prep all at the same time. Wellllllllll……what I didn’t know what that the contractor working on our house, accidently forgot to hook the washer house back up! Literally 2 mins in to the spin cycle and boom…our pantry, kitchen, and bar area were underwater! Thank the lord that we caught it as fast as we did! We were able to soak everything up within a few minutes…but needless to say my extra blog shoots, did not get finished. #ohwell #bloggerprobs #couldvebeenworse We are so so so grateful that it was a pretty quick fix and nothing major happened! Whew!! Please send us positive vibes as we only have #16moredays until we can move on and enjoy our new home!! Yipppppee!

Today’s’ post is all about beauty products. Now, I def won’t claim to be any sort of an expert when it comes to hair and makeup, so I need all the help I can get! I’m always looking for new products to try, so I decided to take a little trip over to Ulta and pick up some things. Does anyone else LOVE browsing and shopping in Ulta and Sephora? It’s so relaxing to me to walk around a peruse the new products. Read on below to see what I picked up on my latest trip!! Some are my tried and true faves, and some are brand spankin’ new!


Spring Ulta Beauty Haul: Product Reviews

Better Than Sex Mascara Its name DOES it justice. This mascara is the bomb.com My secret to this mascara and creating long lashes is to apply the primer side ONLY of this drugstore brand and then apply two coats of Better Than SEX. Seriously, worth.every.damn.penny and then some.


High Brow Glow Luminous Highlight and Lift Pencil Your new best friend for when you look tired AF, which is literally me ALL THE TIME. I use this on the inside tear duct corners of my eyes and underneath the my brows’ arches. It instantly gives you a refreshed/glowing look. Def a new fave.


Stila Waterproof Liquid Liner This liner is a longtime fave of mine. I’ve tried so, so many diff black liquid liners and none can ever compare to this one. The tip is flexible which makes it super easy to brush on a fine or thick line. Two thumbs up!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer w/ SPF 20 This was my first time purchasing this particular version of Smashbox primer. I didn’t find there to be any difference in the texture or coverage, just the added bonus of a little SPF to hopefully delay more wrinkles from creeping up on my face. Would def purchase again.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer Another first time purchase, and good lord baby Jesus, why have I not bought this before???? On first application, it was as if the heavens opened up and covered up all the blemishes and dark circles taking me from zombie to angel in a matter of seconds. But seriously though, buy this!! A little goes a long, long way…so I’m guessing this puppy will last a good few months.


Alterna Caviar “Try Me” Moisture Kit So, I’ve seen this stuff all over the blogosphere, but wasn’t ready to bite the bullet and pay full price for the large bottles. I love that they have these little “Try Me” kits so you can test them out for a fraction of the price. I chose the moisture version and I am digging it so far. It is free from sulphates etc., so that is an added bonus. I am loving the conditioner for the ends of my hair. If you don’t know this about me already, I have hair extensions. (thinking about doing a full post about them, let me know if you’d like to see that kind of post!) With extensions, you actually leave conditioner on the extensions and do not rinse out. For this reason, I am picky about what conditioner I use, bc I don’t want it to be greasy or too heavy. This one was super lightweight, which I loved! Plus, there are a ton of versions you can try for different hair types. Check them out here. (scroll down to see more once you click the link)


Living Proof Dry Volume Blast  My hair is tricky because of my extensions. I have fine hair as my actual hair and then the extensions are thicker, drier, and more coarse. This makes for an interesting time when trying to style! But hey, who doesn’t love a good challenge??? Anywhoooo…this stuff is like magic in a bottle. Gives so much volume without being sticky or gross! One word of advice, you MUST follow the directions. The most important part is to vigorously shake the bottle in between each spray for it activate. Don’t forget this step! Would I buy again, YES!


What’s your fave products to buy at Ulta and Sephora??? Send me recs, I’m always for new products to try out and review! Drop me a comment below. As always, I’m grateful for all of you.


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