Happy Friday Friends! I hope you all are doing well and are all getting excited for the weekend. I know B and I are looking forward to having a low key weekend. These past few weeks have been extra crazy for us. We flew down to Florida for a big Super Bowl party and since we returned we have been going nonstop!! If you have been following along for a hot minute, then you know that B and I are currently building our new home, which is almost finished BTW!! Yayness!! Our current home went up for sale and actually sold in 5 days! Yahoo. We are just waiting to hear the home inspection report before we can move forward on the sale of the home. Plus, we were sper #adulting this weekend and got some killer deals on appliances!! We only needed a fridge, washer, and dryer, but I felt like such an adult buying them. I’ve never been so excited to have a damn fridge installed as I am to see this one get hooked up in a few weeks. I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts that if you have any moving or packing tips…please send them my way!! We truly appreciate every bit of advice and a grateful to anyone who takes the extra time to help us out. XOXO


I’m super excited to share today’s post. I’ve been wanting to share more fitness tips and healthy lifestyle choices, recipes, and snacks…and I’m FINALLYYYYYY getting around to it! I guess better late than never, huh?? Anyway, let’s dive right in. B and I decided that in 2018 we wanted to get really, really healthy. We are hoping to start a family this year (send us prayers, please) and figured, what better time to get healthy? We got married a little over a year ago, and let’s just say we have FULLY enjoyed ourselves! We did tons of travel, tried new restaurants, and have had our fair share of cocktails and craft beers. Both of us decided it was time to get serious and get healthy!!


Outfit Details

Nike Just Do It Shirt //  Zella High Waist Leggings //  Spiked Water Bottle //  Quay Australia Sunnies //  Sneakers (old, newer style linked)


The Workout Plan

B and I have both tried all different types of workouts, crossfit, traditional gym workouts, yoga, barre…you name it, we’ve prob done it!! I wanted to find something new and exciting to try and also something that would challenge me, but wouldn’t take hours to do!! That’s when I found Kayla Itsines, BBG workout (bikini body guide)


How Does it Work?

You can either buy the PDF plan of the workout or use her SWEAT app that can be purchased in the app store. I personally use the PDF. What I do is save each daily workout to the notes in my phone. Then, I just open it up right before the workout and use the timer on my phone to time myself.

The workout itself is super easy to follow and is high intensity. The best part about it is that is takes less than a half hour to do!! Each workout, usually completed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday has two circuits that complete two times each. You try complete as many rounds of the exercises as you can in 7 minutes. The first time I did it, 7 minutes seriously felt like FOREVER and a day! Lol. But, don’t worry….it will get easier (a little) as you get stronger!! I’m currently on Week 3 and will update you all with my progress as I go along!

Weekly Workout Plan

Monday: Legs (ex: lunges, jump squats)

Tuesday: Cardio (low intensity)

Wednesday: Arms/Abs (push ups, dips, planks)

Thursday: Cardio (low intensity)

Friday: Full Body Workout (all of the above)

Saturday: Cardio (low intensity)

Sunday: Outdoor Walk/Stretch Session (casual walk w/ intense stretching)


Healthy Eats

I plan to do more posts about the healthy food choices that B and I are making bc I just love trying out new recipes and sharing them!! So far, here are a few favorite things that B and I have tried that we are loving.

Green Smoothies: peep my easy recipe here

Suja Juice: best price I’ve seen is at Costco or Whole Foods 6.99-8.99 for the 59 ounce bottle. This lasts B and I about 3-4 days if we are both drinking for breakfast. Here it is online in the 3 day cleanse version

Plantain Chips: this is our favorite brand, we pair them with almond butter or dip them in healthy salsa

Cutest Athleisure Finds

Have you tried the BBG workout yet? Do you love it or are you not a fan??? Let me know if you have any questions at all about BBG!! I’d be happy to answer them. Drop me a comment below, babes!!



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