Happy Monday friends!!! Hope you all had a lovely long weekend! This past week seemed like it was never ending!! From an ice storm and negative temperatures on Monday to a balmy tropical 65 degrees in Philly on Friday. What the WHAT is up with the weather??? In other news, B and I had a jam packed weekend of blogging, fun, and house updates! Today, we did our electrical walkthrough at the new home. I never thought I’d be so damn excited to talk about a bunch of wires and drywall…..but I loved it!! I was literally screaming with delight at all of the electrical outlets that we have in each room! If y’all have ever decorated any space, you know this is clutch!!! Having outlets everywhere makes it SO.MUCH.EASIER to setup the room bc you don’t have to worry about where to plug your stuff in!! Yipeeeeeee!!!

In other news…When B and I started planning the editorial content for 2018, he brought up the fact that I haven’t really done any organizing posts yet, which really is quite weird for me, since my friends and family lovingly call me Monica Geller. Yes, yes, I really LOVE cleaning and organizing just as much as Monica Geller!! So, essentially B was right….I really should be talking about how I organize more!! My first crack at the ole’ organizing category is how I get myself organized and ready for the new year ahead. In my humble opinion, I feel like if you spend a little money and get yourself some fun, cute, organizational accessories, you’ll be more likely to use them! I know, I ALWAYS feel better when I am looking at a neat, streamlined desk!! So, without further adieu, here are my favorite accessories to get your 2018 in order!!! Looking at organizing accessories makes me want to #buyallthethings~~I wish I could have them all!! Scroll down and click the links in the widgets to shop and get your s**t organized for 2018!! It’s time to channel your inner Monica y’all!

Organization 2018-9

Desk: White Desk Top // Desk Legs (spray painted gold)//  Black and White Area Rug //  White Leather Swivel Chair

Outfit: Loft White Tee //  Grey Cardigan (sold out in grey, but still available in two other colors) //  Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch //  SugarFix Rose Gold Pendant 

Organization 2018-1

Accessories on Desk : The Coveteur Book // All in Good Taste Book //  In the Company of Women Book //  Instagram Famous Book //  Capture Your Style Book //  Pineapple Trinket Dish (similar) //  White Pineapple Jar (similar) // Silver Vase (similar) //  2018 Planner //  2018 DeskTop Calendar // White Marble Notebook  //  Paris Sign (HomeGoods)

Organization 2018-7

Corner TableBlack Circular Table (similar) //  Sonos Play1 Speaker //  White Planter // Green Plant Insert // White Vase (similar and LOVE them!!!) // New York Sign (HomeGoods)

Organization 2018-13

WallLace Trim Magnetic Whiteboards (spray painted trim gold) //  Gold Picture Holder (LOVE this one too!!) //  Vertical Magnetic Whiteboard // Gold Pineapple Art (similar)  //  Pink Pineapple Art (similar) //  Dry Erase Markers w/ Eraser

Organization 2018-15


Who doesn’t love a good planner??? It’s so hard for me to choose my planner each year, bc I just love them ALL!! I love to choose a planner that “speaks to me”. What I mean by that, is I like to choose a cover etc. that fits my vision for what I see in the year ahead. Maybe, I see a tropical vacay in 2018….so I might pick a planner with palm leaves on it!! Whatever floats your boat!! Here are a few of my favorites!!

Organization 2018-4

Notebooks and Calendars

So many choices…so little time!!! I keep a notebook with me AT ALL TIMES! You never know when a moment of creativity or inspiration might hit ya!! I even go as far to keep a notebook next on my nightstand. Some of my best ideas come to me when I wake up or right before I am about to fall asleep!

Organization 2018-6

Desk Accessories

You can never have too many cute desk accessories!! I LOVE making my desk look beautiful and inviting!! That makes it sooo much easier for me to actually want to get my work done and be productive! I love all the fun palm print and gold accessories to choose from!!

What’s your favorite organizing tool?? Are you a “Monica” planning type of gal?? Drop me a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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