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Happy hump day loves! I am so excited to share with you today the first installment of the “Dating Diaries” blog series. Make sure to read below to see how my one of my dates turned out! First, I will share my outfit details. I wore this laid back look over the weekend when B and I went to Doylestown for the afternoon. We grabbed a bite to eat and a few cocktails at one of our fave places, M.O.M.’s (Maxwell’s on Main). This look was so easy to throw together and would be great for a casual day date or just for running errands. The camo tee is super comfy and looks cute tucked in or out. I paired it with black skinnies, but it would look great with white ones as well!. I added my favorite monogram necklace and some white chucks to complete the look.

Dating Diaries: Episode 1

Looking back at my journey through dating has been quite entertaining. I hope it gives you the opportunity to blow off some steam and get a good laugh because what you are about to read is 100% true. The location and all of the contents of the date are exactly as it played out. So let me introduce you to, date number one. Number one was my first date stop, fresh off the breakup train. I met him on good ol’ We did the whole instant messaging thing at first. Then, we started emailing, texting, and talking on the phone before we decided to meet in person. Those were my 4 stages of trying to pick out if the guy could possibly be a creeper/weirdo or not before I met him….I mean I feel that you should be able to tell by multiple emails/texts/calls etc.,right? Well, clearly I was wrong. We decided to meet for casual drinks at the Fox and the Hound sports bar. Fast forward to the day of. There I was, primping, trying to look my best for the date. I rocked some black skinnies, nude pumps, and a fitted tee. I arrived so excited for my first date out on the town, doing the perfect hair flip as I approached the bar. O.M.G., I see him waving to me from the other end.  Now there I was, thinking that when you go on date, you should try to put your best foot forward and look nice and well put together. According to date number one’s standards, that was not the case. This guy, showed up for a date wearing a white undershirt with massive yellow pit stains and a hole in it. Ummm seriously? I could see those stains from ten feet away! So gross! To top it off he was wearing mesh shorts. Oh you ask, did he come from the gym? I too wondered that, and sadly he did not. His reason was he liked to “keep it casual”. (Insert eye roll here, lol) Anywhoooo….the date went on and we each ordered a drink. ONE DRINK. The conversation was okay, I just couldn’t stop my eyes from wandering to those stains. I couldn’t help it. Finally, it was time to pay the bill. Now, I have a career and can easily pay my own way and have no problem doing it. I went fully prepared to do this on each and every date I went on. The bill arrived and it was a whopping $14.00. I got out my cash to pay my half and he asked me if I had any extra cash. He was a little short and didn’t have the 9 bucks for his part. He only had 5. FIVE BUCKS???? That’s the amount of cash you thought you would need for a date? Good lawd! To top off a less than stellar date, we walked outside to go to our respective cars, and he asked if he could passionately kiss me? And yes, he used those exact words. Wow! Apparently, his dating radar was way off! Did he honestly think that I would want to kiss him after that date? Um, no thanks, I’ll be moving along. I headed to my car and played it back in mind again, “Did that really just happen?” And off I went. One date down and no Prince Charming in sight.

Pro dating tip #1:

You prob should steer clear of wearing massive, yellow, pit-stained undershirts on a first date. IMO, it kind doesn’t make the best first impression. LOL

Have any of you girls ever been on date like this one? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below.

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